September 15, 2018

(Source: marketing-interactive)

Given that in China, many of the well known western social media is still banned, WeChat is often seen as a solution to communicate with customers. H...

August 28, 2018


PetRescue has launched PetMe, “the world’s first AI that understands dogs,” to help more rescue dogs get adopted.

“It’s here to help more of them get ad...

July 31, 2018

(Source: The DRUM)

WhatsApp introducing tools to monetize the chat app

The Facebook earnings slump was a big hit to the social network, but the company’s global chat app, WhatsApp is...

July 11, 2018


同一個表示微笑的 emoji ,在 iPhone 和 Android 上的外觀為什麼會差這麼遠?

今年 6 月,最新一波共 157 個 emoji 已經正式加入到 Unicode 11.0,它們將陸續出現在不同手機、應用上。但這些新的 emoji 還需要被各家平臺的設計師改造拓展後,我們才會見到。

Android 系統作為全...

May 11, 2018

(Source: Ad exchange)

Google on Tuesday revealed two products at Google I/O designed to drive app downloads.

The first is the ability to show app content in an ad. The second, for ga...

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