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Case Study: An utility app

Problem: CPM decline possibly due to ad policy issue

Platforms: AdMob / AdX In-app / Ad Manager



Publisher used AdMob and FAN, and like to test AdX In-app to increase revenue.

They were unaware that their app was labeled as “risky” by Google due to the collection of personal information.

High traffic spam has also been detected.

Acqua's initial assessment

  • Firebase audit.

  • Replaced existing AdMob and FAN Ad units with AdX In-app ad units.

  • Floor price tuning.

  • Worked closely with publisher and Google manager to tackle spam issues.

  • Suggestion on marketing strategy for acquiring new users .

  • Bi-weekly monitoring on spam rate.

Our Tools

App Annie
Google Firebase
Google Analytics for Firebase
Sensor Tower
Googl AdMob


  • Work closely with publisher to understand their needs and get more information on their business model and users acquisition strategies.

  • Proactively provide updates to Google manager to build trust and get more insights to solve their spam issues.

  • Manage publisher’s expectation by giving timely update and solutions for improvement.

Key learning

  • Must examine the traffic source and marketing strategies for to avoid click spam on interstitial ads.

  • Once high spam rate is detected, it might take a long time for revenue to recover.

  • Among interstitial, native, and banner ads, we found 300x250 banners to yield the highest revenue and CPM.

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