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Case Study - YouTube Optimization


Optimization - Channel Level

  • Channel art

  • Channel icon

  • Authentication badge

  • Featured content

    • For new visitors

    • For subscribers

  • Social media links

  • Feature channels

  • Section / channel layout

  • Discussion tab

  • Community tab

  • About Page

  • Subscriber count

Optimization - Video Level

  • All videos

  • Playlist

  • Video titles

  • Video Descriptions

  • Video thumbnails

  • Hashtags described in video titles and video descriptions

  • Location

  • Subtitles and closed captions

  • Branding watermark

  • Cards and End Screens

  • YouTube Ad formats

  • Teaser highlights

  • Video cards and recommendations

Optimization - YouTube Search

  • Search the channel name on the YouTube Platform

  • In incognito as new visitor (not signed in)

  • As a subscriber or returning visitor


This video contains many ads because the video content is advertiser-friendly.


However, there are not many ads that can not be skipped. To maximize your ad revenue, it is helpful to enable all (or some) ad formats on your channel. By increasing the ways advertisers can reach viewers, you can maximize your earning opportunities.

If you want to monetize videos longer than 10 minutes, you can manually post mid-roll ads in addition to the ad formats listed above and enable auto-generated mid-roll ad breaks. If you're producing a feature film, consider using many mid roll ads.

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