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AdSense Best Practices

  • Improve user experience

  • Optimize a placements

  • Balance ad coverage w/ CPM

  • Test ad sizes

  • Increase ad competition

User Experience Best Practices

  • Opt for a responsive site

  • Make it easy to find content

  • Make it load faster

  • Optimize organic search (SEO)

  • Test colors

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Best Practice - Inventory

  • Keep inventory structure clear and sustainable.

  • Follow a structured naming convention for your tags; for example SiteName | Section | AdPosition.

  • Use 300x250 Below the Fold (for Mobile Web & Apps) for higher CPMs.

  • Use 320x50 or 320x100 Above the Fold (For Mobile Web) to increase viewability.

  • Be sure to include padding to avoid accidental clicks if the ad is near navigational links.

Best Practice - Rules

Blocking Rules

  • Regular ​review the blocking rule for direct buyers/advertisers and competitors.

Opt-in Rules

  • Regular ​manually opt-in for the newly added ad technology​ ​on a regular basis.


Pricing rules

  • Increase your fill-rate with the acceptable pricing.

  • Evaluate valuable inventory for set rules accordingly.


Ad Styles & Backup Ads Rule

  • Enable ad style​ to increase auction pressure and drive a higher fill-rate.

  • Define your backup ads under the Ad Styles & Backup Ads Rules if no ads are available.

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