Ad Formats for programmatic selling

1. Video Slider
Slider Video is shown up in-line placement. In-Line placement is created between article paragraphs, so it is a great way to monetize long pieces of content and the unit stays along in the user viewport along the scroll.
2. Video Parallax
An engaging vertical video format that can be played NATIVE style on the mobile web.
3. Video In-Stream
Video that can be played pre-, mid-, or -post roll within the video player.
4. Video Star
Video Star Banner for Mobile is positioned at the bottom of the screen. On the initial visit the user sees an ad banner, which can disappear when the user interacts with the screen. On tap, the initial area of the banner expands to the same size as screen resolution to show video.
5. Video Blend
Video Blend is shown up as an in-line placement and combines video with a co-located banner on top of the video. The Video Blend unit works with traditional out-stream as well as the Slider.
6. Elastic Out-Stream
Elastic Outstream is a high impact video unit that starts with an in-article out-stream teaser. If the user engages on ‘hover’, the unit expands to a full-screen immersive experience that combines video with a skin background. Hi-Impact campaigns: Beauty, Fast-food, Electronics
7. Video Balloon
Video Balloon is an out-stream style video ad unit that is sticky at the bottom right corner of the user screen. The Balloon is designed to maximise user attention with higher viewability. It also generates additional brand recall with an accompanying banner.
8. Parallax Banner
Parallax Banner is an in-line ad format which shows a piece of background during scroll action and at one point, takes over the screen, but without interfering with the user experience.
9. Big Banner (Native)
Big Banner is shown up in-line placement. In-line placement is created between article paragraphs, so it is a great way to monetize long pieces of content.
10. Slide Show
[Manual] - Entice your mobile audience with your full product suite. Using this user initiated slideshow, brands can now sample multiple products with the swipe of a finger.
[Auto Slide] - Brands are no longer limited to promoting one product at a time. Display your product suite with this automated slideshow which only begins when in-view on a mobile device.
11. Spin Cube
The multi-sided format enables advertisers to present up to six content or action options just like a cube. Users can jump to a landing page or watch a video.
12. Wave Parallax
An engaging vertical banner format that can enhance engagement by added interactivity through the phone movement.
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