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Find the Best Influencers through AnyTag!

Over 60% of brands acknowledge the difficulty in finding relevant influencers for a campaign or measuring a campaign's effectiveness. With our full-stack influencer marketing platform, AnyTag, we have helped over 1,000 brands globally to find and match the most relevant influencers for their brand and campaigns. We have successfully built brand awareness, generated sales, increased conversion rate and developed great reputation for brands across the globe.

Our supportive clients include but not limited to Beauty, Fashion, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Gaming, Healthcare and Baby brands etc. We provide a one-stop service including Influencer matching, creative content creation, campaign reporting and analysis. Let's take a look at some of our recent successful showcase!

Etude House
To promote the new collection and arouse interest in purchasing


Total 25 influencers included Mega cosmetics KOLs and Macro KOLs who have followers ranging from 10K – 200K joined the campaign. Influencer created authentic contents and demonstrate the cosmetics on their face.


These quality contents have reached over 400K users and over 30K of engagements. Besides the photo post, influencers also promote the product in their IG story with swipe up link to shopping cart, increased the impulse purchasing. With the cosmetic review written by trustworthy influencers, the products are sold out within 1 month!

Bring out the "Better Me" messages through KOLs


Being a mother is no easy task and is a huge transition in a woman’s life. Frisomum wanted to bring out a woman’s inner development during pregnancy through a "Better Me” influencer campaign to indicate the importance of a mother’s health to promote inner and outer radiance.

50 influencers shared their own experience and tips, for example, encouraging audience to do Yoga to maintain their health and well-being. Some of them also shared their precious moments with their new born baby. Their content is very positive and successful to arouse the resonance among the  target audience.


Frisomum has utilized a group of parenting influencers through AnyTag platform and created a very soft selling campaign. The campaign has driven over 4.18% engagement rate and reached more than +300K audiences.

Create cooking recipe with Celebrities & Facebook Foodie page


Our team investigated the behavior of Glad’s target audience, Housewife & Parents, on social media. We found that most of the housewives are more active on Facebook and they loves to engage and communicate on Facebook. AnyTag platform successfully matched the micro-influencers who are cooking lovers on Facebook, and supporting GLAD to launch a series of video campaign.​


The videos teach the audience different recipes by using Glad’s products and share the homemade dishes with their friends and families to enjoy the “Glad Moment”.

The result of this campaign has created a closer bond with followers, who are ending up more likely to trust and act on the micro-influencers’ recommendations and endorsements. Those influencers have also created a window for brands to talk to their potential customers.
Video credit: MrsLazy.Kitchen FB Fanpage 

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