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21 Sep, 2018 - Programmatic CONNECT 2018

Programmatic Connect 2018

Programmatic Connect 2018 - Sharing of our newest innovations with everyone!

Programmatic Connect 2018

Panel Discussion (OMG, TVB, HK01, LINE HK) on Path & Views to programmatic and Social & Video Strategy

Programmatic Connect 2018

Special thanks to our Acqua Publishers!

Programmatic Connect 2018

We shared our new platforms - CastingAsia/ Acqua Audience

Programmatic Connect 2018

Thank you Google's Iris speaking on AI, Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform

Programmatic Connect 2018

Vivian from admanGo showed us the latest digital marketing trend

Programmatic Connect 2018

Acqua publishers Awards for our Valued publishers!

22 Sep, 2017 - Programmatic CONNECT 2017

Programmatic CONNECT 2017

Acqua Media annual event - Programmatic CONNECT 2017, where programmatic buyers and sellers in Hong Kong meet and trade.

Google - Programmatic Trends

Special thanks to Google's Iris speaking on the future of programmatic advertising!

Google - Programmatic Selling

Google's Jocelyn returned this year to show programmatic sellers how to set up for success!

OMG Programmatic Buying

Thank you Kin from OMG Programmatic! The absolute forefront of programmatic buying in Asia - targeted, brand safe, and high impact.

VS Media - YouTube KOL

Andrea from VS Media showed everyone the latest on video content curation, good stuff!

Acqua Audience

We announced the launch of Acqua Audience, which is a collection of 10 advertiser categories and 108 APAC publishers, making it easy for programmatic buyers to discover and buy from publishers.

29 Sep, 2016 - Programmatic CONNECT 2016

Programmatic CONNECT 2016

Let "programmatic" do the job, so you can hit the beach!

Programmatic Speakers

Special thanks to Google, Networld, Flyagain, iClick, and Amnet for the insights sharing on programmatic buying and selling!

Google Programmatic Buying

Google's Bessie walked us through the programmatic buying features and benefits

Google Programmatic Selling

Jocelyn showed us how to monetizing using Google's programmatic selling solutions.

Google Doubleclick AdExchange (AdX)

Vivian showed the full spectrum of programmatic selling, including Programmatic Guaranteed, Preferred Deal, Private Auction, and Open Auction.

Google Programmatic Roadmap

JR laid out Google's future of programmatic ad space!

Networld Data Science

Patrick showed the power of data science.

Frankie shared his entrepreneur experience running a top travel deal site.

iClick Programmatic Advertising

Matthew shared with us China and international programmatic trends.

Amnet Programmatic ad solutions

Jeremy showed us the agency world of programmatic advertising

Thank you Google!

Thanks Google for the support in flying in experts from the US, China, and Taiwan!

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