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3 Ways for publishers to increase eCPM under the Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Overall we see a declining eCPM (around -32%) in HK web market vs 2019 Jan, while a slight recovery in early Feb. (Deep blue = 2020, light blue = 2019)

The drop in eCPM is caused by a 46% drop in CPC from travel and branding campaigns.

3 ways to increase eCPM

#1. Opt in First Look (the easiest and immediate results)


  • Avg. 16X eCPM increase

  • Aim to have ~5-10% of total coverage

How to do it:

Review your First Look Pricing and opt in all of your inventory excluding direct only ad units (About first look implementation)

#2. For mobile apps, try out high performing ad formats - Interstitial Ads (easy and immediate results)


  • Avg. 5-7X eCPM increase vs display ads

How to do it:

Review your apps display ads set up and place interstitial ads at the proper screens (recommendation and disallowed implementation)

#3. Test out AMP & AMP ads (longer implementation)


  • Avg. 1.7X eCPM increase vs non AMP

  • Avg. 1.3X viewability (65% viewability ) increase vs non AMP

How to do it:

Test out small traffic channel on AMP pages (How to create AMP pages. Video Introduction on AMP)

We hope these are helpful, and please drop us a note if any question, as we are here to help you through this difficult period. Everyone please stay healthy!

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