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AnyMind Group launches initiatives for news publishers across APAC

These include programs, varied by region, to help publishers capitalize on mobile audiences and subscription offerings, provide education for news startups, and new advertising formats

AnyMind Group, a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced the launch of various initiatives for news publishers in Southeast Asia, East Asia and India.

The initiatives for news publishers across the APAC region include an accelerator program in partnership with Google in India, an audience development program in Southeast Asia, mobile-first and micro-payment initiatives in Japan, and revenue lift solutions in Greater China.

On the collective launch of these initiatives, Hitoshi Maruyama, Managing Director of Publisher Growth, AnyMind Group, said: “As we enter a new era in the publisher and wider advertising landscape, we’ve enhanced our key technology and offerings and are now primed to deliver all-round growth for news publishers, from monetization and development to audience growth, user retention and more. These new initiatives affirm our commitment to being a valued, all-inclusive partner, to publishers in APAC, that is looking to support the growth of the industry as a whole.”

Southeast Asia

With the mobile app economy continuing to experience growth in Southeast Asia and users spending more time on apps, uncapitalized opportunities remain for news publishers in the region. To support news publishers in Southeast Asia to grow and retain audiences on mobile, AnyMind Group is today launching a program that includes consulting and technical support on navigating a deeper expansion into mobile whilst improving user experience and user journey, speedy development of a mobile app version of a news website, the development of more mobile ad formats, and also help publishers leverage on the AnyManager platform’s various monetization, user experience, audience and analytics features for mobile web and mobile app.


AnyMind Group is teaming up with the Google News Initiative to launch a 12-week program designed for news startups in India to support high-quality reporting for local communities, niche audiences and previously underserved communities across India. Publishers will also have access to the various tools and features on AnyManager for monetization, audience identification, content maximization and optimization, and more.

Japan With few success cases of news publishers leveraging on subscription models in Japan, the company is launching a program to educate and help news publishers in Japan in the introduction and implementation of subscription-based offerings, enabling publishers to open up additional revenue growth on top of existing revenue from advertising. This also includes consultation on micro-payment implementation and user experience strategy, and consolidated analytics through AnyManager. The company is already working with Google on its Google News Initiative program for Japan, supporting 16 top-tier news publishers with monetization and growth efforts.

Greater China To help news publishers deliver more impactful, engaging and user-friendly ad experiences, AnyMind Group has launched various ad formats in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, including “Blended Social,” an ad format similar to a social media post especially useful for extending influencer- and user-generated content from social media marketing campaigns. Other ad formats include mobile-first formats such as “Mobile Full Page – Glide” and “Mobile Video Full Page – Swiper” which introduce additional interactivity to the ad experience.

Enhanced through proprietary technology To navigate a post-cookie deprecation world, the company will also provide news publishers across APAC with AnyManager, a platform that sports features to drive user engagement such as targeted push notifications to alert readers to breaking news or newly-published content, the ability to select, test and use various industry-leading audience identification solutions through integrations with Google, Pubmatic, The Trade Desk and Liveramp, and the ability to tap on 100+ advertising demand partners and optimize inventory pricing through a single ad tag implementation.

News publishers can also leverage on AnyManager’s vast analytics capabilities for site, revenue and social media performance, along with integration with Google Analytics 4 together with implementation and set-up support, if required. News publishers that have their own mobile app or have utilized AnyManager App Builder can tap on app analytics for user acquisition, app performance and app store insights.


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