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AnyTag crowned “Game-changing Advertising Technology” at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising

The key aspects of making an influencer marketing campaign successful include working with the right influencers, conveying the right messages, and properly measuring and evaluating the effectiveness of an influencer’s communication and the campaign as a whole. As the gold standard of influencer marketing in Asia, AnyTag provides marketers with an end-to-end influencer marketing tool – enabling users to easily discover, activate, manage, attribute and track influencer marketing campaigns.

Marketers can also run scalable influencer marketing campaigns – marketers from anywhere in the world are able to run influencer marketing campaigns across Asia, and marketers in Asia can run cross-border influencer marketing campaigns. Campaigns can be run with a single “hero” influencer or across hundreds and even thousands of influencers and content creators!

5 benefits that AnyTag brings to marketers

Connect with influencers that matter to your brand

Without platforms, marketers have to find influencers based on guesswork and relationships, which is challenging and time-consuming especially if a brand or campaign requires collaboration with hundreds of influencers at the same time. With a pool of over 350,000 curated influencers and content creators across different markets and influencer verticals, marketers can easily connect with a diverse group of influencers from nano-influencers and micro-influencers to macro-influencers and celebrities.

Amongst these hundreds of thousands of influencers, who will be the right one for your campaign? Marketers used to look at metrics such as likes, shares, and follower volumes. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg and cannot guarantee the suitability of influencers for a brand or campaign.

With AnyTag, brands will have broader and more comprehensive views of social media influencers and content creators. AnyTag provides a variety of data points from follower demographics, interactions, past campaigns, sentiment scores, influencer interests, top content, brands an influencer has worked with, common hashtags used, and similar-influencer recommendations. Even data from disappearing content (like Instagram Stories) is kept on the platform, enabling you to track campaign performance over time.

This is done through a mix of natural language processing and direct APIs from social media platforms, ensuring users can access data that is as accurate and updated as possible.

What’s more, you can also find influencers through the platform’s image search function, providing an additional element of checks – from finding out which influencers have worked with a certain brand before (by uploading and searching for that brand’s logo), to putting in additional brand safety checks – all a user needs to do is upload an image and the platform will do the heavy lifting searching across all an influencer’s posts.

Gain insight into your target customers and competitors through social media analytics

AnyTag provides users with in-depth social media analytics for their own brand-owned social media accounts to gather various insights such as reach, social media follower demographics, post insights and more. Marketers can access end-customer and competitor insights to devise relevant and competitive strategies by tapping on functions such as competitor analysis, hashtag comparison and trends, and tracking of activities on tagged and mentioned posts.

Additionally, users who have the YouTube module can also easily identify the top-ranking and trending videos by country and category, visualize the traction the video is getting, content in the video and the video description – enabling users to easily spot and optimize their content on YouTube.

The social media analytics feature on AnyTag covers YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Going beyond likes, comments and shares to clicks and conversions

AnyTag enables users to implement pixel tagging and tracking on their desired landing page, with reporting made available on the platform in real-time. This enables marketers to go beyond using and tracking likes, comments and shares to determine the impact of an influencer marketing campaign, and ensures influencer marketing activities can be attributed to business results, such as adding an item to a cart or making a purchase.

With AnyTag, marketers can understand which influencer has driven the most product sales, clicks to a site or content, form submission, searches, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Streamlined campaign management

Manually running a campaign with a single influencer might be easy (or so it may seem), but running a campaign with hundreds of influencers across multiple social media platforms can be a nightmare for marketers if done manually. However, with a centralized system for campaign management and data through AnyTag, users can easily select influencers, deliver briefs and communicate to influencers, activate campaigns and approve or feedback on influencer-generated content, and track content and post-performance. This can be done across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, through a single dashboard.

Campaigns can also consist of a single KPI (such as likes, shares or comments etc), or employ multiple KPIs for influencers to meet (one example is having KPIs for both likes and comments). AnyTag also enables users to easily attribute influencer marketing campaigns to key results such as clicks or actions (which also includes product purchases or actions taken by end-users on a site).

With AnyTag, users can easily run and manage campaigns across multiple geographies whilst working with all categories of influencers – from rising influencers to top celebrities. All activity is streamlined through a single platform, enabling the activation of campaigns, draft approvals, reporting and payment.

What’s even better is that users can easily download automatically populated reports in slide format or CSV, including the automatic population of best-ranking content, highlight influencers for a campaign, and more – providing a wealth of information readily available for marketers to analyze and plan next steps.

Campaigns can be held in various formats – through the platform’s influencer “Marketplace” (where brands post a campaign and influencers can choose to sign up), or a more curated approach using the influencer “Engagement” module (where brands can take a more curated approach to identifying and selecting influencers). Here’s a breakdown of the above:


Marketplace is similar to a working portal for influencers where they can choose suitable campaigns to join. Marketers are not only able to select which influencers to approve to join a campaign, but can also ​​quickly scale campaigns across influencers and geographies. For influencers, it is an opportunity to learn about new products and connect with the brands they love.

Marketplace is mainly used by nano-influencers and micro-influencers (followers between 1000 to 100,000). Marketers can tap on AnyTag to run various types of campaigns including the most common types of influencer marketing campaigns, along with activities such as product trials, events, location-based campaigns, and more. Platforms supported with Marketplace include TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.


On the other hand, Engagement is built to provide marketers with the flexibility to identify and select suitable influencers for a campaign, including those with large numbers of followers such as macro-influencers and mega-influencers/top stars. Similar to Marketplace, users can run influencer marketing campaigns across influencers and geographies within a single platform.

Engagement really caters to customization and specificity, with the ability to allocate campaign briefs and instructions to individual influencers. For agency users, Engagement also comes with a nifty function to download an automatically populated proposal in CSV, PowerPoint, Spreadsheet, Excel or Google Slide formats. Additionally, all metrics and platforms available in Marketplace are also available for Engagement.

Customization for agency users

For marketing and PR agencies, AnyTag can also be whitelabelled and customized to suit your own branding, enabling agency teams to provide their clients with the same powerful functionality and reporting capabilities available on AnyTag. Reach out now to understand how you can use AnyTag for your agency.

Apart from influencers having a direct connection and gateway into AnyTag by downloading and signing up for sister app, AnyCreator, AnyTag is also used by talent agencies, influencer agencies and multi-channel networks from across Asia to manage their own influencers, providing influencer companies with a single platform to better understand their talent and keep track of brand collaborations that their talents are working on.

Summing it all up

All the above combine to create a platform that supports marketers for influencer marketing across the majority of major markets in Asia, campaigns comprising an ever-growing pool of influencers and content creators including nano-influencers all the way to top stars, all key capabilities that a marketer should have today for influencer marketing (including the ability to automatically attribute business results), and a whole bunch of other features and functionalities.

We (and the judges at The Drum Awards for Digital Advertising APAC 2021 too) have got to say: AnyTag is game-changing.

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