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Circle of Influencers: 11 of Asia's KOL platforms

Circle of Influencers: 11 of Asia's KOL platforms

As influencer marketing has grown into a key tool for marketers and a huge industry in its own right, influencer marketing platforms have popped up around Asia to help brands sift through the haystack of social media sensations. These companies typically promise to help brands navigate and manage partnerships with influencers at scale using tech-driven solutions.  Most of the platforms offer a standard set of services: large influencer access, data- and AI-driven analytics and influencer selection, fraud protection technology, and measurement of ROI with similar metrics.

We took a closer look at 11 networks, detailing their areas of specialty, markets of operation, key clients, measurement capabilities and most importantly their key differentiating factors. Explore the infographics above to see what we found about the following companies: Ampverse AsiaKOL CastingAsia Chtrbox Hi-COM Inca Massfluencer Parklu SushiVid Totally Awesome Read more at:

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