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How AR Filter creates Viral Impact for your brand?

Since the AR (Augmented reality) filter was introduced to Instagram in 2017, many brands have started using this function to engage and connect with audience more intimately. According to Facebook's F8 Conference, over 1 billion of audience has used AR filter. This is definitely a prevailing trend that brands cannot miss out. 


Express your brand's personality

Your customized AR filter can be fun, humorous, exciting or artistic, which can help show off your brand identity and personality. 

Raise brand awareness 

By applying your brand logo or mascot into your AR filter, it can also widen your audience further if users share your AR filter on their social networks. 75% audience expects brand to offer an AR experience. 

Generate sales 

AR effect also enables users to envision products on the bodies. Users might consider purchase the product, such as cosmetic or clothes after "virtual try on”. 



To celebrate National Fried Chicken Month in a special way, Lensthat created the Ayam Champion effect for KFC Malaysia. Using this AR experience, everybody could become KFC’s founder.

The camera effect let users customize the experience and make their own kind of Ayam Champion. By typing their name, raising the eyebrow to change the glasses and bow tie, and take a legendary selfies!

Users even got a chance to win KFC vouchers worth USD25 daily by sharing the photo or video on their Instagram stories with@KFCmalaysia.


Invite Celebrity and Influencers to experience the AR effect and share on their IG story –To make it goes viral.  With access to over 150,000 influencers data points globally , AdAsia can help you line up with influencers, from Mega to Nano level. 


Create an attractive AR effect for branding or enable users to try on your product "virtually". Here is an example from Rayban, which has introduced the AR-powered filter, inviting users to try on their newly launched sunglasses virtually. 


Try to create a more interactive mini games AR effect to attract your target audiences. 

At the end of the mini game, advertiser can offer coupons to participants or winners, and motivate them to share out the game among their friends. 

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