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How LOOX TV was able to increase advertising revenue by 420% through AnyManager

AnyManager Mediation

As everyone knows, AnyMind Group is an end-to-end commerce enablement company that offers a wide range of marketing and e-commerce technologies. One of these technologies serves web and mobile app publishers – the AnyManager platform – and publishers also have access to in-market expertise to maximize the value of AnyManager. LOOX TV is one of these publishers.

AnyManager Mediation

LOOX TV is an OTT app that enables users to watch digital TV and satellite TV from their mobile phones. Developed and provided by Thaicom PLC. in collaboration with Thai Advance Innovation Co., Ltd., LOOX TV currently has more than 2 million downloads, and has extended its service to Android TV and Android Box.

LOOX TV started working with AnyMind in September 2020, and apart from consultation on ad placement, LOOX TV was also onboarded to AnyManager. In addition, app publishers can leverage on AnyManager SDK, which allows users to mediate major demand sources through a single SDK – including demand from AdMob, AppLovin, InMobi, Unity Ads and more.

After the first six months, LOOX TV saw a 15% increase in CPM and 110% increase in match rate, resulting in greater advertising revenue. To increase ad visibility, LOOX TV also adjusted its banner ad positions, whilst implementing various functions from AnyManager including Auto-Refresh, Sticky Ads, new ad formats (which includes App Open, a format with a relatively high CPM which resulted in LOOX TV significantly increasing its revenue).

AnyManager Mediation

In 2021, LOOX TV also implemented various mediation SDKs lifting advertising demand for LOOX TV inventory even further. When comparing current performance to before LOOX TV started working with AnyMind, the average CPM increased by more than 147%, and by leveraging on various functions on AnyManager, impressions increased by more than 120%, resulting in an increase in the revenue of LOOX TV by 420%.

We’re constantly developing new features on AnyManager for our publisher partners. We have recently added a new feature – AnyManager Mediation, which maximizes mediation price optimization. We expect even better performance for app publishers such as LOOX TV. With an intuitive user interface, AnyManager users can also use a wealth of optimization features for their websites or mobile apps, ultimately making optimization easier and more efficient too.

AnyManager Mediation

Source: AnyMind

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