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iQIYI International teams up with Acqua Media to strengthen programmatic video advertising

Offering premium inventory to advertisers in Southeast Asia

Acqua Media, a Hong Kong-based publisher trading desk and part of the marketing business line of AnyMind Group, has today announced a partnership with iQIYI International, an on-demand video streaming platform bringing popular Asian content to an international audience. The partnership will enable iQIYI International to implement programmatic video advertising for its platform.

iQIYI's original content has quickly become a hit in Southeast Asia and captured the attention of local audiences, including FOURTRY, Sword Dynasty, The Sleuth of the Ming Dynasty, My Roommate is a Detective, The Eight, etc. Besides, the Company recently simultaneously released its hit variety show Youth With You Season 2 in Chinese, English and Thai on the night when the idol team was selected, effectively breaking down cultural and language barriers in the production and viewing process. By the end of opening week, the number of users for the international version of the iQIYI App had increased by 125% week on week. During its run, hashtags related to Youth With You 2 appeared over 400 times as a trending topic on Twitter in 15 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, South America and North America, marking the popularization of Asian content in global markets.

To drive the growth further, the two parties have formed a powerful combination leveraging Acqua360, a supply-side trading desk platform, for the monetization of iQIYI International’s massive video ad inventory in all regions excluding Malaysia and Mainland China.

As an all-in-one dashboard that enables publishers to consolidate, manage and track their revenue streams across all SSPs and ad networks, Acqua360 also provides publishers with features including AdAsia Tag Service - a single-tag solution for video and display ads with automatically-optimized ad placements, traffic analysis, yield optimization and integration with 3rd-party ad verification tools, enabling iQIYI International to better monetize their video content. The company will also tap into AnyMind Group's private marketplace partners in the region to scale programmatic advertising in Southeast Asia.

Ben Chien, Managing Director of Greater China, AnyMind Group, said: “Working with a forward-thinking company like iQIYI International means we’re able to implement new ways to support publishers to reach more advertisers and audiences. We’re proud to break down borders for iQIYI International to unlock further potential of programmatic video advertising globally and deliver its programmatic offerings for advertisers through Acqua Media’s marketplace.”

Frankie Fu, the Vice President of iQIYI International as well as the head of overseas ad business, said: “Since its launch in June last year, iQIYI International App has developed rapidly in southeast Asia with 100% Asian copyright and original contents. Besides the rapid growth of user scale, high-quality contents create a safer advertising environment for brands, which is favoured by lots of brands. Private marketplace deals are their most popular choice. Leveraging the technology from Acqua Media allows us to bridge the gap with advertisers in the programmatic landscape. We’re looking forward to boosting our growth in Southeast Asia with their partners on private marketplace deals.”

Advertisers can access iQIYI International’s inventory through the Deal Discovery on the AdAsia Digital Platform, a self-serve tool that enables advertisers and agencies to find and curate display and video advertising inventory, and set up private marketplace (PMP) deals through the AdAsia Premium Marketplace.

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