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Nature Valley sets up game on Instagram to promote its granola bars

Granola bars brand Nature Valley has created an Instagram AR filter and a mini game to engage customers and promote its products as an everyday snack.

Aimed at promoting snack bars as an everyday treat, and helping people maintain their energy levels, Nature Valley has created an Instagram AR filter with a mini-game as key tools for the campaign.

Nature Valley has also invited a number of influencers, including actor Chow Kalok and Manner’s Rachel, to play the mini game on Instagram, telling audiences that granola bars can be enjoyed as an everyday snack.

“We created an account on Instagram (Naturevalley_HK) to engage audiences as we hope to connect with them through a creative campaign rather than traditional marketing methods,” said Sonia Chan, marketing manager of Nature Valley Hong Kong.

Added Ben Chien, managing director of Greater China at AnyMind Group: “We utilised our influencer matching platform CastingAsia to match influencers’ profiles based on the client’s target audience. The platform provides a one-stop solution to connect brands with their audiences through social media and influencers to help Nature Valley reach out to followers of influencers on Instagram, and drive greater brand awareness.”

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