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ZTYLEZ ART SPACE - a new photo shooting spot for Hong Kong influencers


ZTYLEZ.COM is a Hong Kong-based online magazine that provides local and global readers with content on fashion, art and culture. ZTYLEZ.COM offers a wide variety of up-to-date content and life inspiration in a trendy, bold and creative way.

ZTYLEZ.COM created their first ever ZTYLEZ ART SPACE with the aim to create a platform for Hong Kong artists to have more opportunities for crossovers in the future and to inspire others through their artwork. In 2021, they collaborated with a local illustrator, Isaac Spellman. This exhibition contained two parts: a huge hand-drawn art wall by Isaac, and his first-ever art exhibition in Hong Kong named “Lust for life.”


To promote the exhibition, ZTYLEZ.COM tapped on AnyTag to engage with 10 micro-influencers to visit the venue. Influencers were selected based on their own unique styles, and were given few restrictions to create content in their own styles, unleashing their creativity in utilizing the art space.

In fact, the influencers did not just share photos of the exhibition, but also their own experience when consuming the art and their comments towards the exhibition. This helped to promote the exhibition as one of the trendiest photo-taking spots in Hong Kong – an objective for the campaign.


Through a series of online collaborations with micro-influencers, ZTYLEZ ART SPACE has successfully driven greater awareness about the venue and collaboration – inadvertently increasing influencer-generated content and buzz. Additionally, comments from the fans of influencers were positive and created interest for the exhibition. Last but not least, the campaign managed to reach an audience of 127,000+ people, with an average engagement rate of 4.42%.

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