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Programmatic pick up lines to impress your Valentine

Valentine's Day

With issues such as viewability and ad misplacements plaguing the ad industry and keeping marketers up at night, it is no wonder that marketers have a love-hate relationship with it. Enter Amnet, a programmatic buying and media solutions agency under the Dentsu Aegis Network.

In line with the descending of Valentine’s Day upon us commercial victims today, Amnet has launched a funny infographic containing cheesy pick up (and break up) lines. The infographic makes special mentions to common measurement and programmatic terms such as “geofenced”, “view through” and “cost per engagement”.

Not only does it pay homage to the inner geek present in all of us – some of them are quite funny too even if you are not in the mood for love today (cue break up line list). View the infographics here:


According to Conrad Tallariti, general manager for Southeast Asia at Amnet, the infographic is a sequel to one the agency sent out last year and was created by Lynette Teo, a senior account executive at Amnet.

“We thought it was a great way to spread some ‘programmatic love’ by punning the terms that are usually confusing to most. On a serious note the programmatic industry is constantly introducing new technology, adding to the complexity of the existing terminology and what better way than to explain it than through some love!” Tallariti added.

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