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Google tests the efficiency of Programmatic Guaranteed for marketers and publishers

(Sources: THE DRUM)

Google tests the efficiency of Programmatic Guaranteed

Google has run a test, alongside Boston Consulting Group and Nielsen, to try to ascertain how much more efficient it is to run campaigns through a consolidated Programmatic Guarantee system, versus a siloed open market and direct route.

According to the research, the campaigns drove 11% more in reach efficiency, meaning the campaigns reached 11% more unique customers by using Programmatic Guaranteed.

The research looked at 10 campaigns by large advertisers globally, with three running in Asia Pacific, for example.

Ad frequency for population aged 13+ for Control and Test groups across the 10 campaigns studied as measured by Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings

Google launched Programmatic Guaranteed in early 2016, signing a deal with MediaMath to be the first third-party to access inventory in October 2016, while it has since added updates, including better integration with demand-side platforms in 2017.

Google has essentially run a test to see if the theory of a single workflow delivers on its promises.

As Matt Brocklehurst, head of platforms and publisher marketing in APAC, explained in a Google blog about the research, the promise of Programmatic Guaranteed is to limit the chance of doubling spend on the same person and showing ads too frequently.

“With a consolidated approach, brands can control how many people they reach and how often they reach them during the purchase journey," he said.

"Instead of inadvertently reaching the same people over and over again, brands can now direct budget to reach more consumers. This also translates into a better experience for consumers because it reduces over-exposure. The consolidated campaigns were run using Programmatic Guaranteed, which allows buyers to use programmatic ad technology to reserve inventory directly with publishers."

Another promise of this technology is to reduce the time spent on these campaigns from both the agency, or brand, and publisher due to a simplified workflow. According to the research, marketers and agencies found 29% better efficiency and publishers 57%.

The results, which ultimately help to push its own product in DoubleClick, have been released in a whitepaper.

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