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Facebook takes a bite out of the travel advertising pie

Facebook takes a bite out of the travel advertising pie

When planning a vacation, relaxing on the beach or hitting the slopes may be top of mind, but in many cases, people do not know exactly where they want to travel, Facebook said.

Hence, the social media giant has introduced a new ad product called “trip consideration” globally which looks to help travel advertisers reach people who have expressed intent to travel, but have not yet decided where to go.

In a post on its Facebook news page, the company said 68% of millennials found ideas for their most recent trip on Facebook, while 60% of millennials found theirs on Instagram. “That’s why we wanted to give travel advertisers a way to reach people where they’re already finding inspiration for their next trip.”

Here’s an example of how the travel ads work: a college student has demonstrated interest in spring break at the beach by browsing travel related pages, but has not yet settled on a specific location. Travel advertisers can showcase deals and popular destinations to encourage people to book their next vacation at a specific destination.

Christine Warner, head of travel for Facebook, notes that brands could potentially “retarget travelers with a dynamic ad” once they have already been exposed to a trip consideration ad.

The new trip consideration ad product is also available via Facebook Marketing Partners including Adphorus, Koddi, MakeMeReach, and StitcherAds.

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