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Facebook updates its fact-checking program to fight fake news

(Source: The DRUM)

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Facebook updates its fact-checking program to fight fake news / Facebook

Facebook has introduced several updates which includes removing fake accounts, partnering with fact-checkers, and promoting news literacy with the aim to fight false news.

Among other updates, Facebook has also expanded its test to fact-check photos and videos , taken action against new kinds of repeat offenders and has also expanded its fact-checking program to new countries.

Facebook further highlighted how it is using machine learning to identify fake news. For example, a fact-checker in France debunked the claim that one can save a person having a stroke by using a needle to prick their finger and draw blood. As a result, Facebook was able to identify over 20 domains and over 1,400 links spreading that same claim.

Tessa Lyons, Facebook's product manager in a blog wrote: "In April, we announced a new initiative to help provide independent research about the role of social media in elections, as well as democracy more generally. The elections research commission is in the process of hiring staff and establishing the legal and organizational procedures necessary to becoming fully independent. In the coming weeks, the commission will release a website and then its first request for proposals, to measure the volume and effects of misinformation on Facebook.

"We’re currently working with the commission to develop privacy-protected data sets, which will include a sample of links that people engage with on Facebook. The academics selected by the commission will be able to study these links to better understand the kinds of content being shared on Facebook. Over time, this externally-validated research will help keep us accountable and track our progress."

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